Healthcare costs in the US are generally high. Our Holtby squad member was diagnosed with neonatal jaundice when she was a week old and was in the neonatal ICU 4 I was in the hospital for two days, and the bill was about $7 million.

Alternatively, I decided it would be better to set up a family doctor, so I went to a local clinic, but it was about 3 After 0 minutes of questioning and chatting, the bill was about 50,000 yen.

Even a small thing can be a very expensive medical bill, but if you have insurance, the amount you have to pay will drop dramatically. . There is zero patient contribution to the neonatal ICU mentioned above. They only send you a bill, but the insurance company is responsible for all the actual payments.

In the United States, health insurance was not properly maintained, so if a poor person got injured or sick, he or she would have to pay for it. , did not have access to health care. That's where Obama got his hands on it. But with this Obamacare, the cost of insurance for the middle class increased dramatically. We all know Trump is an idiot, but anyway, the increased burden of Obamacare has put a strain on family budgets and made it harder for people to afford health care. I've heard a lot of people say "I support Trump because he's annoying".

Advanced medical care for serious diseases such as cancer seems to be easier to do in the US. Experimental medicine can also be tested as long as the procedures are cleared. Patients who are inaccessible to conventional medicine may be able to get a shot at a treatment or two. There is.

アメリカの医療費は総じて高いです。うちのホルトビー隊員は生後1週間で新生児黄疸と診断され、新生児ICU 4に2日間入院しましたが、請求額は約700万ドルでした。

もしくは、かかりつけ医を立てた方が良いと思い、地元のクリニックに行きましたが、3 0分ほど問診と雑談をした後、請求額は5万円ほどでした。

ちょっとしたことでも高額な医療費になってしまいますが、保険に入っていれば支払う金額は劇的に下がります。. 前述の新生児ICUには患者負担金はゼロです。請求書を送ってくれるだけで、実際の支払いはすべて保険会社が負担してくれます。


がんなどの重篤な病気の先端医療は、アメリカではやりやすいようです。実験医療も手続きさえクリアしていれば実験が可能です。従来の医療に手が届かない患者も、治療法の一つや二つを試してもらえることも あります。

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